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Welcome to Pokegama Lake Association

Where quality lake living begins


Clean Water. Environmental Education. Strong Community.

Blue Water

This is a map of the area that the PLA is paying for curly leaf pondwood treatment for in 2023.  The area is based on DNR recommendations.  


Membership Information

Lake owners and lake friends are invited to join the PLA.  Membership dues are for January through December of each year and cost $40 per household.  

The membership application is below.  You may pay by check to the following address:

Mary Holmgren

12243 Flanders St NE

Blaine, MN  55449

You may also pay via paypal.  Go to Plans and Pricing to purchase a yearly membership.

Board of Directors

Meet Our Board of Directors

Scott Waste, President

Bobbi Eich, Treasurer

Luranne McLean, Secretary

John Hoyny

Jim Grisim

Susan Kubitschek

Dwight Evers

Todd Greicar

Stacey Bolton

Nick Hugo

Blue Water

Committee Contacts:

Water Quality:                                                                            Kathy Nielsen and Jim Grisim                                                                      and

Gambling Audit:                                                                        Tom Rice                                                                                                                   

Communications and Membership:                           Stacey Bolton and Susan Kubitschek                                                     and       

Donations:                                                                                    Chuck and Pauline Royce                                                                               

Clothing:                                                                                         Melody Fraser                                                                                                        

Education:                                                                                     Marietta Jacobson                                                                                              

Social:                                                                                               Tom Rice and Susan Kubitschek                                                                 and

Fundraising:                                                                                 Open                                                                                                                  

Weed Harvesting:                                                                     Dwight Evers                                                                                                           

Corn Booth:                                                                                   Scott and Sandi Jeanson                                                                                

Abstract Water

Charitable Giving

Donation Applications

We offer donations for many local charitable activities, schools, and students each year. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. We vote on whether to accept or deny funding for each application at open general board meetings, and the decision is solely based on the strength of the application. Funding is limited to local activities in Pine, Kanabec, and Isanti counties in Minnesota.

Giving Priorities

Clean Water : Providing for improving the quality of Lake Pokegama water, includes management of invasive plant species, chemical runoff from adjacent lands and streams, and Snake River overflow

Environmental Education : Providing support in care for, education in, and stewardship of the environment in Pine, Kanabec, and Isanti counties in Minnesota

Strong Community : Providing support to the charities, community services, emergency services, and educational services in Pine, Kanabec, and Isanti counties in Minnesota


Upcoming Events


Contact Us

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